Optimistic and Solutions-Oriented

Here’s a thought for the person who aspires to be liberty minded: instead of merely joining in when others complain about a matter, regardless how trivial or paramount, present solutions instead! Go a step further and be partĀ of the solution you propose, even if only at a grass-roots level. Personally, one example of what this has looked like for my family was once we became concerned about access to clean, nutrient-dense food we began to inform ourselves rather than panic about an impending food crisis. We sought out, got to know, and bought from local farmers growing food in a responsible and sustainable manner. Now we are taking things to the next level by becoming regenerative farmers ourselves! I could list other examples, but I think this conveys my point. This will look different for every person wanting to do more than complain and get down in the mouth. We should each be prepared, not paranoid. We should each be informed, not ignorant. Every time we take action, to be part of the cumulative answer to whatever others may bemoan, this gives us a platform/opportunity to inform others directly or indirectly.

Don’t complain and simply add to the noise. The way of liberty is optimistic and solutions-oriented!

If you’re looking for a little more inspiration on this subject, check out this spoken word video by David Bowden:

If you want further reading, click the following link to an article titled “It’s time for radical long-run optimism“.


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